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Veterinary House Calls in Nazareth

Offering By-Appointment Home Visits throughout the Lehigh Valley

In special circumstances, Nazareth Veterinary Center offers veterinary house calls for clients in Nazareth, PA and throughout the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. We recognize that some patients are not able to safely and comfortably make the trip to our pet hospital. In other instances, pet owners may wish to help their senior pets pass peacefully at home. No matter the circumstances, you can rely on Nazareth Veterinary Center to provide the compassionate and respectful at-home veterinary service you and your pet deserve.

To request a house call from one of our Nazareth veterinarians, please call our officeat (610) 200-6269. We look forward to helping your pet receive the care they deserve.

At-Home Vet Services: What to Expect

Owners of high-anxiety, very ill, or elderly cats and dogs may wish to schedule a home visit with their veterinarian, but they may not be entirely sure of what to expect.

While every situation is different, and the exact veterinary needs of your pet will play a role in how your home visit will go, there are a few things you should know:

  • Veterinary house calls offer unparalleled convenience: This may seem pretty obvious, but there’s no overstating the convenience of an at-home vet visit for owners with elderly pets or pets that are immobile, handicapped, and/or difficult to transport. The same can be said of owners who may not have the means or ability to bring their pets into our facility.
  • Home visits are typically less stressful for pets: While there are always exceptions to the rule, most pets don’t like taking a trip to the vet. This isn’t unusual and typically isn’t a reason for concern. However, if your cat or dog exhibits extreme signs of stress when visiting the vet, you might want to consider requesting a house call.
  • Doctors cannot conduct as thorough examinations at home: While a veterinarian can complete a physical examination of your pet at home, he or she will not be able to provide the same thoroughness as an in-office examination, as he or she will not have access to X-ray machines, in-office laboratories, and other equipment and resources.
  • Observing your pet in their home environment can be very beneficial: A counterpoint, an in-home visit can allow a doctor to examine your pet in his or her typical environment. This can, in turn, allow the doctor to gain a better picture of your pet’s overall health, environmental risk factors, and more.
  • You may still need to take your pet to an animal hospital: If you suspect your pet is experiencing an emergency, you should not request a house call. You could end up waiting a significant amount of time for the doctor only to have him or her recommend that you take your pet to the nearest emergency animal care facility.
  • A house call may be the most comfortable option for respectful euthanasia: Perhaps the most common reason for a veterinary house call, at-home euthanasia can allow both you and your pet the most peaceful and comfortable experience possible during a very difficult time.

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At Nazareth Veterinary Center, we understand that every situation is different and the needs of every pet and every owner are unique. Because of this, we offer veterinary house calls in Nazareth and Lehigh Valley to meet your specific needs. Schedule your appointment today.

Please Note: House Calls are schedule dependent and for existing clients only

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  • “My cat is extremely shy around people she doesn't know. I was afraid her visit was going to be a disaster but Dr Lori was very patient.”

    - Carol Y
  • “The vet and her tech were immensely understanding and chose to take it slow with him.”

    - Devon G
  • “We love this place. They have cared for our cats over the past 13 years.”

    - Mary G